Wind Ridge Herb Farms

Natural Botanical Potpourri

potpourri Our potpourri is hand mixed with the highest quality, fresh botanical ingredients. No dyes, artificial ingredients, or fillers, all of which will guarantee long lasting fragrance and that fresh-picked look. Cello bag holding 6-8 ounces of herbs, berries, spices, cones, pods and flowers.

All potpourri is $10.00 each

Lavender Dreams

Aromatherapy quality ingredients. Lavender flowers, rosebuds, hop flowers, etc. with essential oils of lavender, lavandin, and spike lavender, our best seller!

Rose Garden

Smells like a stroll through a rose garden in full bloom. Red and pink rosebuds, spices, bay leaves and other botanicals.

Autumn Harvest

Flowers, pods, berries, bay leaves, spices, make this a beautiful blend. Scented with cloves, pine, cinnamon and many others.

Spring Bouquet

Lots of freshly dried flowers, green leaves, and a scent that will remind you of blooming lilacs, hyacinths and roses.


This blend is full of balsam needles, pine cones, spices, burgundy pods, flowers and bay leaves. Scent reminds you of a fresh Christmas tree. It is fantastic!

Lavender Spice

Wonderful blend of lavender and patchouli. Aromatherapy grade ingredients and essential oils, for the true healing experience of potpourri. Calming and exotic.

Lavender Rose Petal

What could smell better than the two most wonderful scents ever created by Mother Nature? Pure lavender flowers mixed with red rose petals, and pink rosebuds.

Other blends available, or are seasonal. Please allow 4-6 weeks for large orders due to curing time of blends.


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